Another look from TMS makeup Roshar
Using Mehronmakeup , Kevyn Aucoin, and MAKEUPFOREVER

katyagudaeva asked:

Hi! Would like to say Thank you once again! I was so exited about your visit to the MUD school! We talked a lot about industry, but not about your art. I`m just curious when you create an art look, fantasy look, do you know exactly what the final result will be before you start to work or could you change the look during the application?

Hello there!
I usually have an idea before I start.
But I never have a defiant plan till I see the model. Not all looks work on every model and some models will inspire me.
But after I get that jolt of what I’m going to do, I start working. I no longer see what is in front of me as I start. But I see the final image in my head. And I work almost back words. Seeing the completed image and putting things in place till it matches.




A tribute to legendary Vogue fashion editor Diana Vreeland

Directed by CHARLIE WAN

Stylist: Newheart Ohanian

Model: Ryan Christine

Makeup Roshar